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Questions about liability insurance


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Can Amazon or Ebay or Shopify  be named as a joint Insured?

Yes, Amazon or Ebay or Shopify can be named as a joint insured on our  E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance

How quickly can you arrange my policy?

Usually within two business days, if it’s complex it may be an extra day or two. If you’re in desperate need of an urgent policy you can call us and we’ll try to complete it more quickly.

Who is the insurance company used by AIS?

Lloyds of London provide our E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance. Lloyds of London are one of the worlds leading insurance groups.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and concisely, and consider adding written as well as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

Do you have a minimum charge?

A minimum premium of $10,000  plus taxes applies, so the minimum charge is around $11,500 annually

Do you offer instalment terms?

The premium has to be paid before we issue the compliant certificate for Amazon or Ebay or Shopify. Usually we can provide an instalment option 9there is a loading charge for this). Contact us and we’ll get options for you.

Do you provide worldwide cover which Amazon require?

Yes our E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance provides worldwide cover which includes North America

How is my premium calculated ?

Lots of factors including what you are selling, where you are selling, turnover and product range, all have an impact.

How are any claims handled?

Claims will be handled in the country of incident, including USA and Canada. Amazon require this so AIS provide this under our E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance

How much Insurance do you offer?

Our standard policy provides AUD $10,000,000 insurance. Higher sums might be available, you’ll have to call us to discuss it.

I love the AIS E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance so much I want to buy stock and cargo insurance, can you help me?

Thanks for the compliment (I’m blushing). Sure we can help you, call or use the contact card and we’ll drop everything to help you right away.

Over sushi we were talking about Cyber Insurance. Can you help us with this?

It’s a separate policy to our E Commerce and Web Sellers Liability Insurance but yes, we can help you with this.

What are Amazons Insurance requirements?

They are quite extensive so we have pasted them in full.

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